Phoenix 7

New and improved in version 7...



  1. "Business Use only" report option for reports:
    • Income & Expenditure
    • Profit & Loss
  2. "Private Use only" report option for:
    • Income & Expenditure
    • Profit & Loss
  3. "Show Quantity" option for the Budget Comparison report.
  4. Profit & Loss Report - Include Categories with a zero balance
    • Optionally include income and expense categories that have a $0.00 balance
  5. Cashbook Review report speed improved for multi-user and Phoenix Live users.

Reports - Financial Pro

Ratio Report - 7 additional options to provide a more comprehensive analysis. The existing options plus the new options are:

  1. Earning Capacity
    • Operating Profit to Total Assets
    • Business Return to Net Worth
  2. Financial Stability
    • Loan Interest to Net Income
    • Times Interest Earned
    • Debt to Operating Profit
    • Debt to Total Assets
    • Debt to Net Worth
    • Current Assets to Current Liabilities
    • Cash to Current Liabilities
    • Working Capital
    • Working Capital to Total Assets
    • Net Worth Percentage
    • Return to Assets (new)
    • Turnover Ratio (new)
    • Gross Margin Ration (new)
    • Overhead Ratio (new)
    • Finance Ratio (new)
    • Interest Coverage Ratio (new)
    • Fixed Charge Coverage Ration (new)

Transaction Entry

  1. Similar Transactions with Dissections
    • While adding or editing transactions, you can browse previous similar transactions for the account and now also view their dissection entries.
    • This feature is also now available in Customers and Suppliers.
  2. Fill the details of a new transaction from a previous transaction
    • When adding a new transaction, you now have the ability to fill in the dissections for the transaction from a previous transaction for the same person or company.
    • This feature is also available from open item customer and supplier accounts for the same Statement Comment.
  3. When linking a financial transaction to production (Livestock or Commodity) inventory, you can now specify the cost as inclusive or exclusive of GST.
  4. Faster
    • The speed of display of dissections for a transaction has been improved, particularly for Phoenix Live and Phoenix Multi-user clients.
  5. Comment History - improvements when entering dissections of a transaction:
    • Optional to Add to History
      • Enable or disable the automatic adding of new entered comments to the comment history
    • Manage Comment History
      • Remove unwanted past comments from the history
    • Filter the Comments - when entering a comment, choose to select from either:
      • All history comments
      • Just the comments for the income or expense category to which the dissection is posted
      • Just the comments for the sub-category to which the dissection is posted
  6. Energy units for solar power (eg. kWh) are now available when entering quantities in transaction dissections.

Scheduled Transactions

  1. Optional View
    • Viewing the scheduled transactions on start up is now optional - set from Financial Options: "Show Scheduled Transactions on Startup"
  2. From Toolbar
    • Scheduled Transactions can now be viewed by selecting a new drop-down arrow on the Enter Transactions toolbar button
  3. Easier
    • When scheduling, selection of Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, etc. is now done first by default, to automatically set the most likely next date

Customers & Suppliers

  1. Improved and more informative information is provided when opening a new month for open item customer or supplier accounts.
  2. Choose to view:
    • Part-paid Invoices
    • Part-applied Payments
  3. List of Entries report:
    • Now filters to the current Period and Show selections, for example, "Open Invoices" for the "Current Month".
    • Made a little less cluttered by removing unnecessary zero values from the Paid and Owing columns.
    • Excludes sub-accounts which do not have transactions for the selected Period and the selected 'Show' option.

Pay Suppliers

  1. Unapplied Credit
    • Any unapplied credit amount for a supplier is now shown against that supplier.
    • Unapplied credit amounts for a supplier may now be applied to invoices from within Pay Suppliers.

GST Return

  1. Improved and more informative information is provided when finalising a GST return.

Category Setup

  1. In Setup Categories, the Fuel Tax Credit Setup report can now be emailed.

Card File

  1. Mobile Phone Numbers
    • New card file entries now have Mobile available under the Phone tab
  2. Card File printing: Now prints just the entry types selected, such as Customers, Suppliers or All Card File Entries.


  1. Imported e-PayDay pay run file may now be deleted - to allow for instances where it is discovered that a pay run was incorrectly generated.


Budget Planner

  1. Energy units for solar power (eg. kWh) are now available when entering quantities in worktables.

Power Budgets

  1. Use Account Transfer to transfer between Cashflow accounts and Funding and Asset accounts.
  2. When loading Actuals or Projected, select the new "Cleared Transactions Only: Use their cleared period" option to include cleared transactions only. The transaction amounts are included in the period in which the transactions were cleared, not the period in which the transactions were entered.
  3. Energy units for solar power (eg. kWh) are now available when entering quantities in worktables.
  4. Worktable entry has an improved status bar.


  1. New Consolidated Reports:
    • Season Forecast
    • Season Results
  2. New Reports:
    • Yield
    • Insurance Declaration
    • Machinery Usage
    • Labour
  3. Improvements to the following reports:
    • Stocktake report - additional options
    • Stocktake report is now faster.
    • Production report can include more than eight locations
    • Gross Margin Analysis report can include more than eight locations
  4. Improved report selection
  5. Improved ToDo List
  6. An Activity may now have an unspecified contractor
  7. View products used in an activity
    • All of an activity's recorded consumables (products) may be viewed in Cropping's main history grid
  8. Sprayer configuration is automatically populated with the details last used in the same activity.
  9. Inventory & Produce Inventory windows are now printable.
  10. Machinery activities are now printable.
  11. Machinery to-do list improvements.

Livestock & Grazing

  1. Faster
    • of Purchase and Change Mob activity forms is improved.
    • Performance of the Shearing/Crutching activity has been improved.
    • Improved Activity History menu for Livestock reports.
    • On Feed Performance report improvements.
    • The speed of generating a Grazing Chart has been improved.
  2. New date range option for Activity History selection in reports.
  3. A new option, Hide dead, missing & stolen animals, for Animals selection in individual animals reports.
  4. In one activity entry, multiple mobs may be moved to the same location.
  5. The Animal Panel is now printable and exportable to Excel.
  6. Importing animals will now update the Sex, Breed, Sire, Dam and Description fields for existing animal records.
  7. Expanded terminology to auto recognise the sex of animals on import.
  8. Stocktake report now executes much faster.
  9. Several NLIS compare improvements - new report including Excel spreadsheet exporting, filtering to show only conflicts, sorting.
  10. Importing animals for Births & Setup now imports rows where the Breed is not found.
  11. Duplicate mob names are now not allowed.
  12. Inventory window is now printable.
  13. Animal Equivalent (AE) unit is now available for Feed Demand


  1. 3D Mapping
    • View 3D maps
    • Display the elevation profile of a line
    • Measure the 3D surface-length of a line
  2. WMS & WFS layers now supported
  3. Zoom to the selected extent when multiple shapes are selected
  4. Enable/disable the display of snapping points on a map
  5. Label improvements:
    • Labels may be rotated and aligned to follow contours.
    • Left, centre, right, and other formatting of labels
    • Labels may be populated from up to 3 fields
  6. Shape Searching and Selection:
    • Search by an object's attributes
    • Select shapes by drawing a 'selection shape'
  7. Copy shapes from one layer in a project to another layer in the same project
  8. Layer Intersection Report
    • This new report shows how much of something is contained within something else. For example, what is the area of Tree Shelters contained within each paddock?
  9. Other improvements:
    • Option to nominate the number of decimal points to be displayed
    • Copied objects may optionally retain their attributes instead of inheriting the layer attributes
    • Toolbar buttons have been added for functions previously only available via a right mouse click

Data Selection

Select Set of Books window improvements

  1. Phoenix version of the selected data is shown;
  2. Shows when the selected data needs to be upgraded, and provides an Upgrade button;
  3. Provides a Create or Restore button if the data selected is an empty set of books;
  4. Select between Show All, Identify Archived, or Hide Archived:
    • Show All - show all datasets whether they are an archive dataset or not
    • Identify Archived - identify datasets in the list which are archive datasets
    • Hide Archived - show only non-archive datasets

For Phoenix Live and Multi-user

All the improvements above, plus the following:

  1. Shows the Company Name for the selected set of books;
  2. Automatically selects Open with Exclusive Access if the dataset needs to be upgraded on the installation of a new version of Phoenix.

Report Previews

  1. Zoom 100% toolbar button when viewing reports. Report previews open at 100% zoom by default.