Phoenix 9

New and improved in version 9 (with more coming)...

Direct Bank Feeds

Ten More Added

Ten new direct bank feeds have been added, bringing the total available to fifteen. The full list available in Phoenix 9 is:

* New


Attach PDF Documents

Attach PDF, PNG and JPG Source Document Files to Transactions

An important source document may be attached to a related financial transaction:

  1. A transaction may have a source document file attached.
  2. This file can be any of the following types:
    • PDF (Adobe Portal Document Format file) *
    • PNG (Portable Network Graphics file) *
    • JPG
    • JPEG *
  3. Previously, only JPG files could be attached.
  4. The form used to attach source documents has also been improved.

* New

Bank Transactions

Improved Matching for Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT)

Electronic payments are generated from Phoenix as EFT batches which are uploaded to internet banking web sites or online banking software. Depending on the bank, these payment batches may be listed on the bank statement as either a single total transaction, or as individual transactions. Phoenix now supports matching an EFT batch to either:

  1. Individual transactions on the bank statement (as per Rabobank for example). (New feature)
  2. A single transaction on the bank statement. (Existing feature)

Bank Transactions with Reconcile

In Bank Transactions, with Reconcile also open:

  1. Match a transaction in bank transactions;
  2. Then change to Reconcile
  3. The transaction just matched is now highlighted in the Reconcile list.

Bank of Queensland (BOQ)

The Bank of Queensland has been added to the list of banks available for import for Bank Transactions.

Transaction Entry

Linking Purchases with Inventory has been improved

  1. The process for linking to inventory (Eg. chemicals) while entering the purchase in Financial has been improved.
  2. Linking is also easier for those using smaller screens.

Similar Transactions - Improved Sorting by Transaction Number

  1. Sorting the Similar Transactions list by transaction number has been improved. This mainly affects the list when more than twelve months of transactions are available in the list.

Note: The Similar Transactions list is shown when entering a new transaction. The dissections of a new transaction can be 'filled in' automatically from an existing similar transaction. This can be a major time saver when entering transactions.

Customers and Cash Sales

Email of Sales Documents - Made Easier

  1. Emailing of invoices, receipts, credit notes and statements has been made easier.
    • Send email button from the transaction (invoice) window.
    • Email button from the Print/Email drop-down in the activity view of a customer.
  2. In the email, the Subject automatically includes the sender's company name.
    • For example: "Tax Invoice from Barcoolah Agriculture Pty Ltd"
  3. In the email, the attached invoice pdf file name automatically includes the invoice number.
    • For example: "Tax Invoice 1-00123 from Barcoolah Agriculture Pty Ltd.pdf"
    • The same is true for receipt and credit note numbers.
  4. View the attached document from the email window.
    • Double-click the attached file to view the invoice, credit note, receipt or statement before sending.

Invoices - '$ Each' for Quantity

  1. When entering quantities in transaction entry, including for invoices, the exact price entered per quantity unit, that is the price each, is now recorded with the transaction (invoice).
    • Previously, the price was subsequently calculated by dividing the total price by the total quantity.
  2. Due to the change above, the '$Each' shown on the invoice is always exactly as entered. It is no longer subject to rounding caused by calculating it from the quantity and total price.

Improved Appearance for Invoices, Receipts, Statements and Credit Notes

  1. Invoices, receipts, statements etc, have an updated appearance.

Customers and Suppliers

Improvements to the Activity View

  1. Larger buttons (New, Edit, View etc.)
  2. More space is provided for customer and supplier names and addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses to maximise the detail visible without scrolling.
  3. The Similar Transactions list displayed when adding or editing invoices and payments from the Customers and Suppliers activity views are, by default, now shown with the more recent transactions at the top.

    As previously, the sorting of this list can still be changed on the fly by clicking the headings of the list columns.

Speed Improvements

For open item invoices and payments, speed has been improved for:

  1. Viewing existing invoices and payments
  2. Saving new invoices and payments
  3. Applying payments

Longer Business Names

  1. Longer business names are now allowed for in the Card File.

Payments History

  1. The payments history shown for an invoice has been improved.

'List of Entries' Report Improved

  1. The Reference column is now wider to allow more than eight or nine characters of a reference to be seen.
  2. The report now prevents the company name from being 'orphaned' at the bottom of a report page without any of its subsequent entries. The printing of the company name is delayed to the following page, where necessary.
  3. To aid in the visual clarity of the report, other columns have been widened and some row heights increased.

Pay Suppliers

  1. The list is sorted by name by default.
  2. Options made clearer - choose to show either:
    • paid and unpaid invoices, or,
    • unpaid invoices only.

Fuel Tax Credits

Fuel Tax Credits Setup - Improved

  1. A 'Learn more...' link to User Help instructions has been added.
  2. Simplified the arrangement of the toolbar buttons.
  3. User Help for Fuel Tax Credits has been expanded. Help for closing a fuel tax credit regime has been added.

Fuel Tax Credit Notification

Having updated to the latest available fuel tax credit rates:

  1. Phoenix will notify if the current fuel tax credit regime for the data is out of date prior to finalising the GST return or viewing the GST return report for the current period.
  2. Choosing to upgrade the regime opens the Category Setup with the relevant fuel category pre-selected.

Category Setup - Improved

  1. The sub-category tabs may be optionally expanded to view all the tabs without scrolling.
    • Click the expand button to view the tabs in two rows.
    • Right-click the tabs to return them to a single row again.

Budget Planner & Power Budgets

User Help for the Net Worth Report - Added

Sales Categories for Animal Produce Planning Tables


Spatial Data Library


Move Stock - Speed Improved

User Help for Past Animals - Added

Easy Management of Your Subscription

  1. Use the Phoenix application to easily manage your subscribed products.
  2. Easily move your subscription to a new computer, as follows:
    • Install and run Phoenix on the new computer to view and deactivate the old computer.
    • Then activate your subscription on the new computer. There is no need to contact AGDATA.

Other Improvements

View Email Attachments

Data Restore